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How We Grant

Below is information about our grantmaking process.  If you need additional information, please contact us.


Students Seeking a Scholarship


How can I apply for a scholarship?

JFEW has undergraduate scholarship programs at colleges and universities in New York State, which are administered directly by those institutions and focus on college completion. For a list of programs, see College Program and Heritage Program.  If JFEW has a program at your school, contact the  financial aid office for application information.  Please note that applications and award decisions are handled by our partners and not by JFEW.


What if JFEW does not have a program with my school?

Unfortunately, you would not be eligible for a JFEW scholarship. For a listing of some scholarship opportunities outside of JFEW, please see Scholarship and Career Resources.


Colleges, Universities and Non-Profits Seeking a Grant


What are JFEW’s funding areas?

JFEW is a nonsectarian organization that primarily funds undergraduate scholarship programs for promising women with financial need. We also fund advocacy and research projects related to issues that affect low-income women pursuing a college degree.


Does JFEW accept grant proposals?

JFEW does not accept unsolicited proposals. If you think your institution may be a good fit for JFEW, please contact us with a brief explanation why.


JFEW Alumnae


I was helped by an organization that sounds like JFEW. Has the Foundation ever been known by another name?

Until 1964, JFEW was known as the Foundation for Education of Jewish Girls. In 1976, we became the Jewish Foundation for Education of Women. For more about the history and evolution of JFEW, see History.


I was a scholarship recipient and would like to make a gift. How can I give back?

You can make a secure, tax-deductible donation here.  You can also connect with JFEW on Linkedin and Facebook.    We encourage all former recipients of JFEW support to stay in touch with the Foundation and look forward to hearing from you!