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Susma Gurung, City Tech Class of '14

Tuesday, July 15, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Stacey Winter

Susma's valedictory speech shows how hard work, support from friends and family, and a great sense of humor can lead you over the finish line

Ladies and gentlemen, family, honored guests, friends, and faculty of the New York City College of Technology, the Graduating Class of 2014, good evening.
 My name is Susma Gurung and I feel privileged and blessed to be standing here right now to celebrate the accomplishments that have brought us to this joyful and eventful day.  I promise to keep this short. So, just one small favor, please don't fall asleep on me. 


Just a few years ago, we all received THE acceptance letter. We were extremely excited and ready to start our pathway to becoming a Nurse. However, there were no fine prints attached to that letter to warn us on what we were about to embark on. 


Our family and friends probably already know this, but here is a little snippet of what I’m talking about. Our social life declined sharply, coffee and red bull became our best friends, we had countless sleepless nights where all we wanted to do was cram all the textbook materials into our head; which, as we found out, is very near impossible. I am not going to name names, but I believe some of us even tried to sleep with our textbooks in the hope that some miracle would happen and all the materials would magically transfer to us while we took our very valued and rare good night sleep. We realized it the hard way that in nursing exams, every answer is right but ours is probably still wrong. We also found out that nursing school was akin to boot camp for our brains. 


In addition to the pins that we will be given today, there are some thank you's to be given out as well. First, thank you very much to my parents who have been my biggest motivator to continue on and never give up. Thank you to all the parents out there, Thank you to all the husbands, wives, significant others, children, family, friends, relatives and everyone else. I wish I could name every other relation but I have been given a strict time limit and I do not want to be embarrassingly cut off half way for exceeding the time limit. But, thank you for being such a great pillar of support and having our backs while we followed our dreams of becoming a nurse.  


Thank you dearest professors and the entire nursing faculty. Thank you Professor Plummer. Everyone knows that nursing students are notorious for trying to hackle for their two points. So, thank you for putting up with that and the constant "Prof, WHEN WILL OUR GRADES BE UP?" Thanks to all of you, here are a few things that we will always remember. In first semester, every mistake we made on our med math exam equaled to us killing a patient. In second semester, we found out the smell of flesh being burnt was just as terrible as hearing a bone bring drilled. In third semester, we hated Cancer and thanks to our psychology class, we started self-diagnosing ourselves with OCD, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and the likes. In fourth semester, who will ever forget our very infamous first med-surg exam? And at this point, even in our sleep, we all know to massage a boggy fundus till it is firm. 


A big Thank You to JFEW for the all the support and amazing opportunities that we would have never got.


Finally, today, we are graduates and just a step away from being nurses. It has been a tough journey full of tears, happiness, anxiety and stress. Strong friendships have been built, tears have been shed, our sanity has been tested, doubts about ourselves have been raised and many failures we have faced. However, despite all the hurdles and storms that we have gone through, I am certain that I speak for everyone when I say it was all worth it. We thought this day would never come, but look around, here we are. On our pining day, the fruit of our sacrifice and hard work feels so sweet. Today marks the day that our hard work has paid off. Today marks the day that our professional journey has only just begun. Today marks the day that WE DID it. 


My dear friends, I leave you with this quote that I found online. "When you are a nurse, you know that every day, you will touch a life or a life will touch yours."  We should never lose sight that we can only make this world a better place one patient at a time.   Thank you and congratulations Class of 2014!