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Report deadlines are articulated in Grant Agreements with each grantee partner. JFEW’s reporting requirements are described below.


1. Each semester, grantee partners must confirm the enrollment and continued eligibility of all JFEW Scholars


2. Annually, JFEW requires an annual fiscal and narrative report, to include this information:

  • How JFEW funds were spent and for what purpose
  • What was achieved in relation to the grant’s initial goals and objectives
  • Summary of all relevant activities undertaken during the year (e.g. professional development workshops, cohort meetings)
  • Any changes in the scope of work, proposed timeline or key personnel
  • JFEW Scholars: names of JFEW Scholars and short biographical descriptions
  •  Scholarship selection:  selection process and number of students considered for every JFEW Scholar position
  • Changes in funds available for financial aid, including significant new scholarship initiatives or changes in government  aid regulations
  • Future learning: (i) most successful outcomes; (ii) grant features that can be strengthened or improved; (iii) other information JFEW should know 

3. For RENEWAL requests: If the last cohort in your Grant Agreement will be selected in 2016-17, please schedule  a conversation with JFEW. Renewal requests may be submitted in the fall of 2016 in connection with annual reporting.