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For our Scholars, success in college is only the beginning. Our alumnae are hardworking and driven women at the forefront of their fields. Whether they have continued on to higher academic pursuits, launched careers across the professional spectrum, or are doing something entirely different, they inspire us every day! If you are a JFEW alumna, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at info (at) jfew (dot) org to let us know what you're up to.


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Meet Alumna Olga Gorokhovskiy from City Tech

Posted By Amanda Lefer, Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Olga Gorokhovskiy is a recently graduated JFEW Scholar from the dental hygiene program at New York City College of Technology (City Tech).

We caught up with Olga about her life as a Scholar in the JFEW City Tech program. Here is what she told us.

JFEW: What has been the most meaningful lesson you have learned or experience that you have had while in college?

OG: Being in the dental hygiene program was not the first college experience for me. But this is the first time when I get to be not only a student, but a wife and a mom at the same time. And I need to say it is quite a challenge to manage. The program taught me several very meaningful lessons, but the two main ones are to  always keep focused on your goal and manage your time, efforts and inner resources accordingly to be sure you can go the distance and second, how unbelievably valuable the support of friends and family is when you go after a dream.

JFEW: What accomplishment during your time in college are you proudest of?

OG: During my time in the program, I consider my greatest accomplishment the fact that I was not only good enough to get in and keep up, but also being good (and lucky) enough to qualify for a scholarship and two separate internships in the process.

JFEW: What does being a JFEW Scholar mean to you?

OG: In addition to the absolutely invaluable hands-on clinic experience I was exposed to through my internship (as part of the JFEW program), I learned the importance of support in helping me achieve my goals and prove to myself and everyone that I’m not only a wife and a mother, but also an educated, valuable professional with so much potential. I am extremely grateful to JFEW for the opportunity I was given to help develop my potential energy into “kinetic” energy and move towards my goals.

JFEW: How do you envision your future when you graduate? What do you hope to do?

OG: I want to work as a full-time dental hygienist after graduation. I want to get as much clinic experience as I can. 

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Meet JFEW Alumna, and World Traveler, Susma Gurung

Posted By Jamie Spence, Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Updated: Thursday, May 3, 2018


Susma is currently working as an RN in the Surgical ICU (SICU) at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, which is a level one trauma hospital. Before transferring to the SICU, Susma worked for two years in the rehab and medical surgery areas at the hospital. Since graduating, she has also spent time working as a private duty home care nurse, and as an ambulatory eye surgery RN.

Outside of her work, Susma finds time to travel as much as she can. In the past year alone she has visited Dubai, London, Northern Ireland, Las Vegas, Australia, and she is pictured above at Jebel Hafeet in Abu Dhabi! Additionally, she also spent time last November in Puerto Rico volunteering as part of the disaster relief team from her hospital. She was part of a group of 76 New York health providers who went down to help with relief efforts. Susma found her time in Puerto Rico to be, “such an amazing and humbling volunteer experience.”

Susma still wants to further her education, but has yet to decide what to major in. For now, she is focused on becoming the best SICU RN she can be.


Keep up the incredible, and inspiring work Susma!

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JFEW Alumna Bojkena Selmanaj is a registered nurse

Posted By Jamie Spence, Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Updated: Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Meet JFEW alum Bojkena, graduate of New York City College of Technology! Bojkena is now a registered nurse at New York Methodist Hospital.

Her advice for current Scholars studying nursing is, "Study hard, appreciate the JFEW scholarship, and learn as much as possible in your internship. Nursing school can be stressful; sometimes you don't think you can do it and want to quit. Don't ever quit. If you fail a class, remember FAIL means 'First Attempt In Learning'. Stay positive!"

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JFEW Alumna Susma Gurung graduated valedictorian of her class

Posted By Jamie Spence, Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Updated: Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Our accomplished JFEW Scholar, Susma Gurung recently graduated as the 2014 valedictorian at New York City College of Technology - and she delivered an inspiring speech at graduation. Her achievements prove how her sense of humor, hard work, and support from loved ones helped her over the finish line. She so eloquently said:

"Finally, today, we are graduates and just a step away from being nurses. It has been a tough journey full of tears, happiness, anxiety and stress. Strong friendships have been built, tears have been shed, our sanity has been tested, doubts about ourselves have been raised and many failures we have faced. However, despite all the hurdles and storms that we have gone through, I am certain that I speak for everyone when I say it was all worth it. We thought this day would never come, but look around, here we are. On our pining day, the fruit of our sacrifice and hard work feels so sweet. Today marks the day that our hard work has paid off. Today marks the day that our professional journey has only just begun. Today marks the day that WE DID it."

We are so proud of you Susma!

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