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Our JFEW Scholars impress us endlessly with their ambition and drive. Their creativity and tenacity are an inspiration, and we are so proud to celebrate their stories and successes. If you are a current JFEW Scholar and would like to share your recent accomplishments, please email us at info (at) jfew (dot) org!


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Congratulations to JFEW Scholar, Stephanie!

Posted By Jamie Spence, Wednesday, July 18, 2018


JFEW Scholar Stephanie Roffe recently graduated from Stern College! We asked her about her most proud accomplishments in college and she said, "There are so many things I am proud I accomplished in the past few years. I majored in Math. I participated in amazing microbiology and biotechnology research. I played soccer. And the list goes on and on. Many of these experiences were only made possible by The Foundation and I am very grateful for the generosity." 

Stephanie we are so proud of you and all you have accomplished, and we can't wait to see what is next! 

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JFEW Scholar Elana Apfelbaum is hosting STEM events on her campus

Posted By Jamie Spence, Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Updated: Thursday, May 3, 2018


Elana is a Junior at Stern College for Women and a double major in Biochemistry and Computer Science. This past fall she participated in the Yeshiva University hackathon where she had the opportunity to engage with, and meet other computer science students. She says she was extremely impressed by how much they were able to accomplish in 24 hours by collaborating together. Because of her experience, she was inspired to organize an all-women's hackathon event at Stern College to help bring confidence to her female STEM peers and encourage them to get involved. She says, "By making the event more accessible to all levels, I hope to inspire others to participate in future hackathons."

Additionally, Elana is also on the board of the Computer Science club at Stern, where she helps to plan events such as the hackathon, and is a co-editor of Derech HaTeva, which is a bible and science journal at Stern. Elana was also recently invited to compete in the Google Games computer science competition where she and her teammates worked to solve a variety of puzzle games.

We are so impressed with Elana's passion for the STEM field!

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Meet our Scholar, Talia Sanieoff

Posted By Jamie Spence, Monday, November 20, 2017
Updated: Monday, May 7, 2018


Talia is a senior at Stern College studying biology, and she is an active member in a variety of clubs. She is currently the president of the Yeshiva University Sharsheret Club, which is dedicated to funding research to find a cure for cancer. Talia said she was initially drawn to the club because of the enormous presence that it has on Sterns’s campus, and since joining she has been inspired by the work they are doing. As president, she is beginning to prepare for the club’s major event, Cake Wars, which will be held this February. The event brings in around 300 to 400 people annually!

In addition, Talia is also a member of START Science, which is a club at Stern that seeks to get younger children excited about learning science. As a member, Talia makes trips to public schools in the area to teach and inspire younger students to get involved in her passion.

Talia will graduate from Stern this spring, and is planning on applying to physician’s assistant programs. Good luck, Talia!


** Talia is pictured here with her friend, and fellow JFEW Scholar, Tzip Roffe!

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Check out our Scholar, Abigail Dietz

Posted By Jamie Spence, Friday, November 10, 2017
Updated: Monday, May 7, 2018


Abigail recently served a year as the president of the Student Undergrad Research Group Exchange (SURGE) at Stern College. As president of SURGE, she helped to orchestrate events for students to present their scientific research in non-stressful situations, allowing them to learn the correct format for presenting, while also gaining confidence in their skills. Abigail recently presented her own research project that she completed this summer.

Abigail assisted with research for the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine at Rutgers University, on a project to record the sleep cycle of fruit flies in order to learn more about circadian rhythm. Abigail worked with of Dr. Isaac Edery, who assisted in the lab of Dr. Michael Rosbash, one of the three winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine this year!

In addition to her great work conducting and facilitating scientific research, Abigail has also been the captain of the soccer team at Stern for the past two years. She says that she embraces the challenge of balancing all of these activities at once, and that she performs better when she is working to make it all fit in her schedule.

Abigail is a senior, and is preparing to graduate this January with a bachelor's degree in biology.

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