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Our JFEW Scholars impress us endlessly with their ambition and drive. Their creativity and tenacity are an inspiration, and we are so proud to celebrate their stories and successes. If you are a current JFEW Scholar and would like to share your recent accomplishments, please email us at info (at) jfew (dot) org!


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Meet Scholar Goldie Gross from Baruch College

Posted By Amanda Lefer, Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Updated: Thursday, February 14, 2019


Goldie Gross is a JFEW Scholar in the UJA/CUNY Hillels program partnership and majoring in Art and Business at Baruch College. We checked in with her to see what she's been up to since then and here's what she had to say.

JFEW: What are you doing now?

GG: I got an internship at the American Dream in New Jersey. I'm working as an arts development intern, doing research into different art initiatives we can develop. It's very research-based right now so there's not much that I can tell you. Besides that, it's a very dynamic and exciting work environment. I am also volunteering as a curatorial assistant for the Jewish Art Salon's upcoming exhibition, Spinoza: Marrano of Reason. Additionally, I am the co-founder and jewelry-maker at Pidge BKLYN, a jewelry brand that I just started with a friend with help from an entrepreneurship grant from CQY. 

JFEW: What was one inspirational or memorable experience during your time as a JFEW Scholar?

GG: It's hard to pin down one inspirational or memorable experience. I've been very proactive about seizing opportunities, and with each opportunity comes a period of excitement and newness. I think my internships have been the highlight of my college career so far, along with the different grant programs I've applied for. The classes and workshops they offer are really fun and provide out-of-classroom experience with guidance and oversight, and of course internships provide crucial experience. 

JFEW: What advice do you have for current JFEW students?

GG: Some advice I would give to new students is to always actively seek opportunities. Going through a student life newsletter can be life-changing. Check out the different departments at your school and see what they have to offer. Find organizations that cater to individuals in your demographic and see if they offer any programming that can help you succeed. Tip-they will, and students should be proactive about applying for programs for which they might be a good candidate.

JFEW: What did the JFEW scholarship mean to you?

GG: The JFEW scholarship gave me the ability to take invaluable internships that I wouldn't normally have taken. The idea of working 9-5 unpaid, even at a company within my field, was very daunting and fiscally uncomfortable. I am privileged and thankful that JFEW was able to help make my summer internships an experience I looked forward to, instead of something I just pushed off until senior year. 




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Meet Scholar Anastasia Krasilnikova from Baruch College

Posted By Holly Rosen Fink, Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Updated: Tuesday, February 5, 2019

JFEW CUNY HIllels Scholar Anastasia Krasilnikova is currently attending Baruch College. As a marketing major, she did her JFEW internship at KUDZOO where she worked on social media and content management.

We talked to Anastasia about what it has been like for her as a JFEW Scholar.

JFEW: What has been the most meaningful lesson you have learned or experience that you have had while in college?

AK: I have learned to take risk and put myself outside of my comfort zone.

JFEW: What accomplishment during your time in college are you proudest of?

AK: My greatest accomplishment has been starting my own club freshmen year of college and joining several other clubs. I’m also proud of finding support and resources through JFEW.

JFEW: What does being a JFEW Scholar mean to you?

AK: My internship in the summer gave me confidence and much needed skills to continue my professional career. I have also connected with several people in my field through workshops.

JFEW: How do you envision your future when you graduate? What do you hope to do?

AK: I hope to have a stable job in my career field that will enable me to exercise my creativity and passion for social good.



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