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To help our readers better understand JFEW, below are answers to commonly asked questions. If your question is not included below, please contact us.


Who is eligible for JFEW scholarships?

Our scholarships are for women with demonstrated financial need who are also United States citizens, or otherwise eligible for citizenship. Our partner schools and institutions, who award and administer our scholarships, give strong preference to women who are from New York City, or live within a 50-mile radius. Please note that our programs also have a minimum G.P.A. requirement. 

What is the minimum G.P.A. requirement?
The minimum G.P.A. requirement is 3.0 and, in some cases, higher. Please check the individual requirements of the program at the school you are attending, or are planning to attend.

Do you give preference to specific fields of study? 
While specific fields of study vary among programs, most JFEW programs are in one or more of these areas: 
  • Public Undergraduate Education
  • Health professions and STEM
  • Public and Communal Service

For a list of schools where JFEW has programs, please see College Program and Heritage Program.

Does JFEW support only Jewish women?
We are a nonsectarian organization. We have grant programs for Jewish and non-Jewish women alike.

How can I learn about JFEW scholarship opportunities and requirements at my current school, or the schools I am considering attending?
Many schools list JFEW’s scholarship and eligibility requirements, along with fellowship, scholarship and financial aid opportunities, on their website. For a list of schools where JFEW has programs, please see College Program and Heritage Program.

What if JFEW does not have a program with my school?

JFEW will not be able to provide you with a scholarship. For other scholarship opportunities, please see the Scholarship and Career Resources page of our website, which includes information on additional scholarship resources.

The Application Process

How should I apply for a scholarship?
JFEW works with partners to award and administer our scholarships. If you are seeking a scholarship, you must apply through one of the schools or community groups where we have a program. See College Program and Heritage Program to learn more.

What is the application process and deadlines?
Individuals seeking a scholarship should follow the procedures determined by JFEW's partners. Schools and nonprofits looking to create a program with JFEW should submit a letter of inquiry and a budget. For current deadline and application procedures, please visit How to Apply.

Do JFEW programs provide anything in addition to scholarship support?

JFEW programs vary. Many include funds for a summer internship, faculty mentorship, and workshops in professional development. To learn more, please see College Program and Heritage Program.

The Application Decision

Who is responsible for making the scholarship award decision?
Partner institutions award scholarships using criteria determined by JFEW.

When are the scholarship decisions announced?

Awards are announced by our partners, usually in the spring before the scholarship begins.

Partnering with JFEW

Does JFEW accept grant proposals?

We welcome letters of inquiry from schools and community organizations looking to create scholarship programs. For deadline and application procedures, please visit How to Apply.

Past Scholars

I was helped by an organization that sounds like JFEW. Has the Foundation ever been known by another name?
Until 1964, JFEW was known as the Foundation for Education of Jewish Girls. In 1976, we became the Jewish Foundation for Education of Women. For more about the history and evolution of JFEW, visit Becoming Nonsectarian; Refining Our Mission in the History section of this website.

I was a scholarship recipient and would like to make a gift. How can I give back?
There are a few ways to express your appreciation to JFEW. You can make a secure, tax-deductible donation here. Also, by creating a profile on JFEWConnect, you can use the Career Center to volunteer as a mentor for current students, or to post a job of interest to past and present Scholars searching for work. Your gifts of time and money are most appreciated.