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Reporting & Renewals

How to Report

The reporting requirements in most JFEW Programs are listed below. Please be sure to check your school's grant agreement for the exact details and the reporting deadlines for your program.

Semi-annual Requirements

Each semester, prior to mailing a payment check, JFEW requires that our partners verify the enrollment and continued eligibility of all students receiving a JFEW Scholarship.

Annual Requirements

  • Annual fiscal report detailing how JFEW funds were spent and for what purpose
  • Annual narrative report describing recipients, and any enrichment opportunities and workshops that were offered, as well as an evaluation of the year in light of the program's goals

At the conclusion of the grant period

Report with the following information:

  • Summary of Activities, listing all relevant activities undertaken during the Grant Period
  • List of Recipients: (i) names of women who received scholarships and short biographical descriptions; (ii) description of why these women were selected and how many students were considered for each scholarship awarded; tracking sheet indicating degree completion, internship, post graduate placement
  • Goals and Objectives: (i) initial grant goals and objectives compared with what was achieved; (ii) if the grant did not meet its objectives, why; (iii) any changes from the agreement that took place, including changes in the proposed timeline or key personnel
  • Changes in the program environment since the grant was awarded: increase or decrease in other funds available for scholarships for students at your school, including any significant new school scholarship initiatives
  • Future Learning: (i) most important factors of concern to the program going forward; (ii) areas of the program and its design that could be strengthened and improved; (iii) other information JFEW should know

How to Renew, Renewal Deadline

JFEW grants do not renew automatically. At the start of the academic year in which the grant expires, contact the Executive Director. The renewal request deadline for programs whose last cohorts are selected in 2014-15 will be in Fall 2014.  The date will be announced in June 2014.

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